Three Miniatures

ID: SM-000172298
ComposerGrant Bingham
PublisherGrant Bingham
Year of composition 2011
Genre Classical / Contemporary
Instrumentation Clarinet, Bassoon
Type of scoreScore for two performers
Duration 4'30"
Movement(s) 2 to 3 from 3
Difficulty Advanced
Description Composed for Clarinet and Bassoon in the Fall of 2011. These miniatures explore the world of rhythmic and time variations. They can also be viewed in terms of emotions, the first being of a demonic nature evokes anger, the second, joy, and the third grief.

Premiered on February 28, 2012 by Madelyn Moore, Clarinet and Tori Olson, Bassoon at the University of Kansas's Composer's Guild Recital.
Upload date 13.10.2012


Sheet music file including a license for an unlimited number of performances, limited to one year.
5.00 USD
PDF, 324.1 Kb (5 p.)


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